Olivier Jambois won several musical distincions, among them the Rezzo-Jazz à Vienne award and the Jazz(s)RA award in 2011 with his french trio Enchant(i)er. His first album has been produced by the famous french discography Naïve. This disc received some distinctions, one “Révélation!” by Jazz Magazine, and an other one “Découverte” by Jazz News.

He is currently leading his own trio (Olivier Jambois Trio) and co-founds in 2008 the Trio Enchant(i)er. He is also used to perform in solo (acoustic and electric). He is sidemen in several projects in Spain, France and UK of funk, rock, free improvisation and jazz(s).

He has played at famous jazz festivals: Jazz à Vienne, Nancy Jazz Pulsation, D’Jazz Nevers, Jazz à Orleans, AVaulx Jazz, Barcelona Volldamm Jazz Festival,etc…

Born in Lorraine, France, he begins music at 5 with clasic violin and trumpet, he obtains the first diploma with 13 years old. He learns guitar in parallel in autodidact, turning his musical direction to jazz and improvised music. He meets Serge Lazarevitch, Pierre-Jean Gaucher, Didier Levallet, Marc Ducret, Wayne Krantz, Evan Parker, among others. He learns composition with dutch musician Christiaan de Jong, and very late he decides to obtain a degree (titol superior) in jazz and modern music in the Liceo’s superior conservatory of music of Barcelona, Spain, city where he is now living. There, he was under the teaching of Jordi Bonell and Dani Perez.

He is member of the catalan music association AMJM, and of the french music collective Pince-Oreilles.

Olivier Jambois Solo


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