Jazz doesn't like you



Alain Flores : Poetry

Olivier Jambois : Electric guitar and effects

Leonardo Cincinelli : Piano and electronics

Mariano Camarasa : Drums

Presenting "Alan & Jazz Doesn't Like You":

The group "Jazz doesn't like you" comprises three exceptionally talented musicians who have honed their craft through years of improvisation. Olivier Jambois on electric guitar and effects, Leonardo Cincinelli on piano and electronics, and Mariano Camarasa on drums come together to create an enthralling sound and language that is truly captivating.

Alan & Jazz Doesn't Like You is the brainchild of Alain Flores, a gifted poet who has been immersed in the world of verse since adolescence. Alain's poetry possesses a fiery quality, pushing the boundaries of expression and captivating listeners with its intense themes. Recognizing the potential of merging his poetry with music, Alain approached the three musicians with a daring proposition—to record his poetry with their unique soundscape.

Interaction is at the heart of their creative process. Alain's powerful and evocative words become the driving force, fueling the energy within the group. The musicians, in turn, respond with their inventive artistry, weaving strange textures and unusual melodies that serve to support and elevate the poetic narrative. This symbiotic relationship gives rise to a profound and mesmerizing experience.

Within the realm of Alan & Jazz Doesn't Like You, conventional musical boundaries are shattered. Olivier Jambois, a master of the electric guitar and effects, crafts an otherworldly sonic tapestry that ranges from haunting to ethereal. His ability to conjure unique sounds adds an extra layer of depth to Alain's provocative poetry.

Leonardo Cincinelli, a virtuoso on the piano and electronics, brings a sense of enigmatic mystique to the ensemble. Through his skillful manipulation of electronic elements and his nuanced piano playing, he introduces an aura of intrigue into the collective improvisations.

Completing the lineup is Mariano Camarasa, an accomplished drummer whose rhythmic prowess provides a solid foundation for the group's explorations. Mariano's dynamic percussive palette adds structure and depth to the improvisations, allowing the music to ebb and flow in perfect harmony with Alain's poetic cadence.

When Alan & Jazz Doesn't Like You unite, an enchanting and thought-provoking experience unfolds. Alain's poignant poetry intertwines with the musicians' intricate interplay, resulting in a tapestry of sound that captivates and mesmerizes. The group's audacious sonic experiments, unconventional melodies, and textured arrangements create an immersive journey where the boundaries between words and music blur, offering a unique and intoxicating fusion of artistic expression.

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