Olivier Jambois Trio w/ Kamaguchi and Prats

In this trio, Olivier Jambois is accompanied by two musicians of his admiration, Masa Kamaguchi on double bass and Ramon Prats on drums.

The collaboration between Jambois and Prats has several years now, they already played together on a former trio and published a live recording (« Live in JazzSi, Barcelona »).

Olivier Jambois Trio 1

Recently, Jambois asked to Kamaguchi to incorporate the trio. The trust within each other and their ability to improvise lead to a living music where liberty is important.

The formation with Kamaguchi and Prats performed its first live during the Jazz festival organized by the AMJM, « L’Hora del Jazz » in 2019.

The shows also counts on the participation of the catalan singer, Jordi Rabascall. The result is a fresh music and an explosion of energy.

Here are two recordings made by Jambois as a leader in trio :

Peaceful Journey

Un món que se li ha fet extrany , featuring J. Rabascall on voice


L'hora del jazz


Pictures by Txus Garcia
Videos by Carlos Barruz