Jazz doesn't like you



Olivier Jambois : Electric guitar and effects

Leonardo Cincinelli : Piano and electronics

Mariano Camarasa : Drums

We are a trio of musicians based in Barcelona - Olivier Jambois on electric guitar, Leo Cincinelli on piano and electronics, and Mariano Camarasa on drums. Together, we create improvised music that knows no boundaries, effortlessly flowing through various genres. With years of friendship and musical camaraderie, our performances are characterized by a fluid connection.

Despite our chemistry, we have encountered challenges finding acceptance within the jazz market. One day, a renowned jazz piano player humorously remarked that "Jazz doesn't like you; you are orphaned!" Surprisingly, this remark became a revelation. Instead of discouraging us, it sparked an idea that eventually led us to name our band "Jazz Doesn't Like You."

This moniker serves as a gentle critique of those who try to rigidly define jazz, confining it within specific limits approved by peers and critics. For us, music is what matters most - a fluid and liberating expression that defies categorization.

Our performances are a unique journey, blending jazz with diverse influences, resulting in an exhilarating fusion of artistry that leaves audiences captivated.

"Jazz Doesn't Like You" invites everyone to challenge preconceived notions, breaking free from musical conventions, and embracing the boundless possibilities of creativity. We celebrate the beauty of music without restrictions and revel in the joy of playing together as kindred spirits.

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