(LooKing For the Truth)

Jordi Rabascall - voice and effects

Jordi Pallarès - drums and electronics

Olivier Jambois - guitar & effects

Looking for the truth is the live soundtrack of a constantly evolving movie. 

Olivier Jambois, musician and creator of effects pedals, and Jordi Rabascall, versatile singer and self-taught musician, combine the most physical and demanding part of the creation (guitar and voice) with real-time effect pedals, noise, impro, pop chords to create the soundtrack of a film that will never have a definitive version.

Since recently the duo also counts on Jordi Pallarès on drums (see teaser) and occasionally on the American drummer Jim Black (see video).

Looking for our truth about what is music and what are we as human beings...

Trio LKFT - Teaser

quartet With Jim Black

In Duo - video #1

In duo - video #2

in duo - video #3


We called this DUSK - an improvised song that came out during a live recording session April 2021.

Dedicated to all human beings that felt loneliness and suffered during space missions in the 20th Century.

/ NO script / NO sheet music / FULLY IMPROVISED /

Footage: / @dmitry-varennikov

Video concept: Olivier Jambois, Jordi Rabascall Video edition: Jordi Rabascall