• Mariano Camarasa primordial sextet (autoeditado 2018)
  • Joao Vieira Group with Alvar Monfort, Melisa Bertossi, Inma Gomes, Mariano Camarasa, Camilo Fernandez and Joao Vieira (Temps Record 2018)
  • Melisa Bertossi quintet with Melisa Bertossi, Mariano Camarasa, Manel Fortià and Joao Vieira: Strange Feather (autoeditado, 2016)
  • Olivier Jambois “Grupo Minkowski” with Albert Comaleras, Alex Molas and Joao Vieira : Le mystère de la masse (What About Music, 2014)
  • Trio Enchant(i)er with Gregory Sallet and Kevin Luchetti: Structures in motion (Label Pinces-Oreilles, 2013)
  • Trio Enchant(i)er with Gregory Sallet and David X: Les composantes invisibles (produced by Naïve and Rezzo-Jazz à Vienne, Naïve, 2011)
Joao Vieira Group
Mariano Camarasa Sextet
Duo De Jong – Jambois
Inma Gomes project
Melisa Bertossi 5tet
Dr. Two Cookies