“Guitar, drums, and alto/soprano sax trio. Sorta avant-garde, sorta modern jazz, sorta post-rock. Three young musicians experimenting with sound and their own voices in music. It’s a fun listen, and a promising start.”


This is a french trio with saxophone/guitar/drums i.e. without bass. When we founded the group in 2008 with Gregory Sallet, we were concerned by changing conventionals melodic/rythmic roles of each instrument. We won with the group the regional competition Jazz(RA) 2011 and the national competition Rezzo-Jazz à Vienne 2011. Our first disc, “Les composantes invisibles” signed with the discography Naïve has won mentions “Revelation” in Jazz Magazine-JazzMan and “Découverte” with Jazz News.

Since 2012, the group is composed by:

Gregory Sallet: Saxophones (soprano, alto)
Olivier Jambois: Electric Guitar
Kevin Lucchetti: Drums


Some press articles:

(Jazz Magazine, Jazz News,…)

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We have played at Jazz à Vienne, Nancy Jazz Pulsation (NJP), Jazz à Orléans, A Vaulx Jazz, Jazz à Saint Fons, Sunset, Nevers D’Jazz Festival and many others…

Some videos